Alissa Marie Photography

Alissa Marie Photography

Breastfeeding Session - Would take place in your home and will tastefully show the beautiful bond between mom and baby


Thanks for viewing my Bucket List if you know anybody family or friends that would be interested please pass the information along. 

I can be reached at

An elderly couple - I want to shoot this session like a engagement style. My goal is to capture lasting true love

A small intimate wedding - I would like to shoot a small outdoor wedding that would allow me to truly capture intimate moments

So 2017 is approaching and i wanted to start and new tradition with a providing a list of sessions that i as a photographer would LOVE to do throughout the year. There are a few sessions that I've been longing to shoot but haven't had the opportunity as of yet. Ever year i want to grow in my creativity and add beautiful sessions to my portfolio. These sessions will be discounted and will provide you with lasting memories. So here it goes!

Portrait Models:

Creative Outdoor Summer Session

1 Girl 16+ Unique Look - Please send picture to

1 Boy 16+ Unique Look - Please send picture to

Creative Outdoor Winter Session

1 Girl 20yr+ Unique Look - Please send picture to

1 Guy 20+ Unique Look - Please send picture to

Alissa Marie Photography's 2017 Bucket List:

Secret Engagement - We would pick a special location that means something to you as a couple and I would be hidden photography this amazing moment. 

My 2017 Bucket List Session list

Please if you want to book any of these sessions

Boudoir Session - Would take place in your home Nudity not required